~ Our consciousness can change water ~

Chi of love be like water ~ Earth Mother Unfolding Wisdom a passage through the heart & soul ~

ॐ OM ॐ

That which is sounded out loudly om mani padme hum ~ Heaven All paths can lead to Source God Creator pleased to meet you here ~

Service to oneself as we we serve another

Gratitude living within Universal understanding ~Greatest power we can affirm, care about the welfare for ourselves & each other linked to God’s field from source ~

Friday, 28 July 2017

Ziggy Marley ( 2017 Video ) See Dem Fake Leaders

Sunday, 16 July 2017

nsa beast skynet united nations corporations no buy no sell no future

my live facebook feed addressed to #nsa mod and facebook google twitter
#nsa Mark beast mod military attempted murder recorded evidenced dated today's date front of police world wide gov un
Involved #darpa #nasa Microsoft inc check #google for validation on skynet techs emf elf emp weapons to satellite
#nato crime terrorism
We must report all injuries heart attacks brain or organ issues directly with their mark beast my testimony in living yrs