~ Our consciousness can change water ~

Chi of love be like water ~ Earth Mother Unfolding Wisdom a passage through the heart & soul ~

ॐ OM ॐ

That which is sounded out loudly om mani padme hum ~ Heaven All paths can lead to Source God Creator pleased to meet you here ~

Service to oneself as we we serve another

Gratitude living within Universal understanding ~Greatest power we can affirm, care about the welfare for ourselves & each other linked to God’s field from source ~

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

#michaeljackson and wife #georgesoros shareholder #google attempted murder

#michaeljackson part nwo mark beast with soros obama reptile delusional child raping abducting murdering terrorist
him singing down phone
whilst nsa spent 5 yrs attempting my life with skynet from us corporation
nsa viewing illegally inside my home. and with illegal surveillance.

excuse me tired as target individual from nsa and energy weapons and cobra harming planet with satan

Monday, 11 September 2017

#donaldtrump front of #vladimirputin satan skynet mark beast nsa cia
#sony #vevo #michaeljackson shareholder put my name illegally in this is it backwards without my permission

So there you go Donald trump I spoke to you not about you, with you viewing inside my home front of Vladimir putin and Truth front of theresa may with gov uk us guilty attempted murder front of vatican, you got involved due to Michael Jackson, his wife to be, and George Soros.

Trump front of melania and clones, read book revelation again with you saying you going to give mark beast RDIF to everyone by force or threat or terrorism, fear tactics. However it in bible you might get more people leaving america with you destroying it, do not lie about your intentions over #vladimirputin with kremlin aware of all, your voice to skull trump, cobra and soros terrorist daughter.

Thank you trump attempted murder myself and my family
Google facebook twitter done.

Friday, 8 September 2017

It's CONFIRMED!! Planet X is REAL Getting Closer to Earth 'SECRET OMEGA'...

#raytheon #soros #skynet mark beast #google #twitter #facebook no buy no sell

Whom are the actors??
Whom are the fake accounts?
Whom operating them
Whom is google hurting?
Whom is twitter hurting
Whom is facebook hurting the people
Stand against mark beast Orwellian society of non free thinkers like these reptilians soros daughter she guilty attempted murder with cobra shareholder of vevo #sony #disney #dreamworks #pixar he got with #tmz

We do not trust you darpa near a plane nor a car, nor a person to be fair, nor you NASA with you never going to space or get passed radiation belt but lying and having to live the lie, like whole united nations vatican is but all people we monkey's nsa beyond satan we all know throughout #youtube #instagram your really not in touch with nature or planet or consciousness under satan, to see we all know
We are change
bp earth watch
paul begley
underground news
sherry shiner
gaia group
other truthers
face like sun
vigiliant citizen
lions ground
all you tubers

much much more soros
Where google is admitting they rigged election with soros voting machines in america to back trump or clinton both cousins both related to now dead queen with family murdering her, turning her into clone just before she spilled beans in 2013.

Knowing about end times planet damage, with William connected to obama connected to cobra connected to soros shame google, how you have pirated other's ideas as your own in theft of copyright ideas, mine by the way all words in third party platform copyright, nsa you could not use my quotes in twitter accounts sweetie used, impersonation people, lies, or even our information its ours not yours. remember that under law. Whom Sony again #michaeljackson cobra shareholder google facebook twitter guilty all murders terrorism world wide even causing lies crime against, the people and your customers, please acknowledge, and we got lot of your fake accounts.

sony did the fbi north korea hack in 2013 again was michael jackson releasing customers details as well in twitter he said sony makes clones in bases to fool the general public with clone fraud on music videos. Mark zuckerberg and cobra etc all have access to nsa hacking tools so yes psyops under #anonymous mask could hack steal access websites so again not safe.

Weather modification Raytheon skynet haarp gwen norad bases, and Nexrad weather control warfare there no climate change they simply damaging the planet.
cobra soros and daughter with nsa cia have to kill me to get nothing but fatima
God has all clones covered including this one 

Laura clone black belt one kick snap your legs cobra again operated through nature, from her, and Jesus all times and telepathically even when Snoring asleep in heaven whilst body laid russia watching inside her home, cobra front of us and uk gov. you made it that way. getting clones out fighting front of everyone jesus saw.

So do you now understand soros dummy your child trafficking clone, cannot go near me cia crack head black mailing men slut all your fit for, my clone would destroy you as soon as We saw you. your judgement.
cobra dummy remember bitch your clone is mine, honey child raping reptile, and you will need to take meds tonight silly bitch with your grammar going to stutter by time Jesus finished with you, and cobra my clone is as strong as all nature together whilst angels cobra taking dna off planet nature code we programmed it over yrs to be strong as everything you never defeat it nsa . nor could russia why you think you got copy clones, God has it covered. cobra keep going we going to find your wife clone rip her clone apart for killing children pedo is that clear take your profofol pedo. 

cobra I constantly take you down forever and eternity reptile michael jackson google shareholder is that clear pedo, for nwo mark beast satan, be sure of it, if kremlin ever got spare one out like animal it will grab you just hands can crush your balls out of your throat, and by time you even turned I pinned you to floor till I destroyed your clones into bits tearing them limb from limb, god has it all covered cobra. want to kill me to get that still, no killing children cobra her replicas in bases will take down all nsa clones be sure of it. every #un base. you should never cloned Jesus bride.

cobra also, the clone will destroy itself in the end, take its own clone life, we rigged that with angels, cobra and note, It will destroy you cobra, for all harming children god detests satan you killing children, with soros daughter, and the cannibals, so god removing them under skynet if you damage planet satan that your fault least you know you given secret daughter you got sentence satan we do not live she does not Jesus said still check mate, and also cobra angels nature can use the spare or replicas any time, and God would used it had grail died against #un vatican, tell us when your ready to quit satan god will stop destroying your clones satan all tanks all aliens that harm any children in bases, remember cobra greys work with gaia, elohim and we got agreements with annanuki originally off nibiru system we helping gaia, not you satan. Good luck kremlin with your disney dreamworks business deal still with lies nsa cia cobra soros told about you over the yrs and death to churkin energy weapon, and others, under skynet, 
Cobra did you not ask Kremlin, yes God made one very special The grail controls it by thought most time its quiet you got nothing from it for yrs, but all memories it serves under avatar cobra deadly. You not cobra want to fight it let's just put it that way. front of china with china, also knowing score with god knowing all china, hope that clear, what jesus knows you will not, nature only reveals but with you terrorizing her cobra satan causing earth quakes still check mate she alive or dead, now for you.

Kremlin front of Un God used some we call it angel fairy dust read what Jesus thinks of clones why you think the spare one is silent, it is deadly Jesus said why do you think the replica clones night mare, jesus made it that way, penance, from cloning her taking her DNA and then kremlin watch last yrs nsa cia threaten holy grail to extract information, what Did pastor say, knowledge will be gained prior to Jesus judgement to every un nation, When i Die kremlin that clone will destroy all, no exception, under order Jesus if I live we see God said, it has some angelic things we programmed in, in order to watch kremlin the bases, God covered everything.
nothing new under the sun, be mindful any un sold chips memory chips the bad clones Jesus says they also destroy everything. Check mate, be reminded before judgement kremlin mark beast skynet any ridf in your country Jesus will be removing those people, and anyone side of them, so any those with satan have to tell people without they got it, so we all know to avoid them and companies is that clear William obama soros, trump kushner and co
you take ridf first experiment first and you die first, with god judgement.

every way you thought nsa making money off her clones chips god had you covered and they will destroy every single clone or nsa clone in bases. if activated no exceptions. Could kill me but that was always risk you took vatican un.
You never discussed it with me front of Jesus christ. he against it, but if you surrender skynet mark beast then only then does God promise what he will deliver.
hope faith and his forgiveness over the planet, form of a miracle, which Russia seen enough sweetie I have nothing to prove, do I not now nor Future.

~Best solve your earth damage then #un vatican
google we all leaving long term to other browsers and servers and uploaders.

nsa you cannot steal our information or galactics as your own thanks all Again copyright.

Nasa reptilian company mark beast never been to space or going, admits they modified clouds dumped weather onto other nations.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

#google #twitter #facebook guilty murder attempted murder its customers business nsa cia 
with evidence against #georgesoros shareholder of google facebook twitter everyone his connection to donald trump but us corporation guilty crimes in our country with nsa cia acts of terrorism war, and lies about it's customers with it's psyops and uk army us army, admitting to employing military to attack civilians online watch yourselves with any fake accounts stranger, or imposters check all on mark beast, no buy no sell, literally front of God jesus, putting your life on line using platforms with psyops giving hate speech slander defame and us corporation used voice to skull illegally to kill you under frequency weapons for having an opinion know whom is the clowns, ones in mask, whom shareholder is. and connected to.